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Do You Have An AUTO LOAN at Another Bank or CU?

Member Since 2007
Alina Diaz

Alina Diaz

Alina had a car loan with HSBC that was at 18.26% which we refinanced for her at the credit union at 8.25% after she made on time payments for one year.


“Basically what institutions like our CU does for ‘underserved’ people like me, is to put a little faith and trust in our financial life.  And that is all we need in order to get out of our broken situation.  Believing in the human ability to overcome any situation just by supporting them is enough.


We human beings have an extraordinary capacity or resilience to move on to the next level and then aim for a better future.


I am a true example of that… A woman with such a bleak financial broken history and here there is a bank in a city where I never imagined myself living someday who put a little bit of that ‘faith’ in me.  What a miracle!”

Now is a great time to REFINANCE your AUTO LOAN with Your CU.

With rates as low as 2.49% for any age car, and up to a 60 month

loan term, you can't go wrong! Apply now! 

This is a limited time offer. 
To APPLY, CALL us at 585-461-2230 or download an application: 

REGARDING SECURITY:  Our online banking website is not impacted by the "Heartbleed" vulnerability.  We utilize multi-factor authentication for a member to access their account.  With the text message/phone requirement that we upgraded to in 2013, we have increased our security for online banking.  Please DO change your password regularly if you want to ensure greater security and ensure that you do not share your password.  Never access your online banking account from a public wi-fi site.  If you do, then be sure to change your password when you are in a secure environment.


Looking for a New Auto Loan? Rates begin as low as 1.99% APR.
Used Auto Loan rates begin as low as 3.00% APR.
When you FINANCE your Auto Loan with US:
•     Your money stays local & helps the community
•     Pre-approvals to save you time and money
•     We MATCH dealer rates and offer a 0.50% discount when your
      auto gets 35 MPG or better gas mileage

Rates are subject to credit score and term and may change without notice.


Let Your CU Be the Financial Foundation of Your Home

•     Your Money Stays Local
•     Easy Online Application

•     Low Closing Costs

•     Great Mortgage Rates

Click on the link below to see what today's rates are:

LOST or STOLEN VISA Debit Card?  Please call 1-888-241-2510.


Genesee Co-op will NEVER ask you for your DEBIT CARD NUMBER. We already have that information, so DO NOT EVER GIVE OUT that information, even if it looks like we are the ones asking you for it. WE WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR IT, WE ALREADY HAVE IT! 

ANY AND ALL email or website or phone or mail requests you receive requesting you to VERIFY YOUR DEBIT CARD NUMBER are an attempt to steal your personal information!   

The SECURE ONLINE WEBSITE will always have the following address:

When you log into your account from a new location or computer, you may be asked to validate your information through a phone call or SMS text message code.  These changes are required to increase protection of your account information! 

GCFCU serves individuals in the Rochester area with special emphasis on residents of the southeast and southwest portions of the City. Visit our Becoming a member page for information on how you can become a member-owner of this unique resource.